Welcome! The Koski Lab explores the ecological and evolutionary processes that generate diversity in flowering plants. While pollinators are thought to drive the vast majority of floral diversification, selection by the abiotic environment as well as neutral genetic processes can either promote or constrain adaptation to pollinators. Our research focuses on how the interplay between these processes contributes to large scale patterns of floral diversity across both space and time. We address questions primarily focused on floral pigmentation and plant mating systems, spanning levels of biological organization from populations to large clades. We use a variety of approaches including ecological and quantitative genetics, phenotypic manipulation and pollination biology, population genetics, and comparative phylogenetics.


4/2/2022: Cierra was awarded for outstanding graduate presentation at SEPEEG 2022, and placed 2nd for best grad talk at CBASS! Oh- she also passed comps and is now a PhD Candidate!


2/15/22: Welcome to Laura Carolina Leal de Sousa, a visiting professor from Universidade Federal de São Paulo!


1/29/22: Jacob and his partner Gina welcomed their new baby to the world! Congratulations and welcome, Luka! 

1/12/22: Cierra received a grant from the Biological Sciences Professional Development Course

12/4/21: A new lab paper was accepted at Evolution!